Canadian Landscapes - Simon Rumford

I tried to do something different then I normally do with this photograph, while I was out to photograph the Vermillion Lakes, I walked down the train tracks and noticed the tracks are just littered with garbage, and its not like the normal downtown Banff you see which is very clean for the amount of people in such a s...mall area....But get off the sidewalks and roads head down the tracks and it's a totally different scene, if you look close in this picture just on the track I have counted 7 pieces of Garbage, but there is probably more in this 5ft, stretch of train track, for what I read in the newspaper and hear in the media Banff has been receiving significant amounts of money to make this a better park, by redoing the Rec center, the Cave and Basin, Vermillion Rd, all the road work, etc..they should put a little bit towards cleaning up this intrigued by this topic I decided to keep my eye out for garbage on the rest of my walk, noticing every piece and just walking to the Vermillion Lakes I was disgusted! tires, bike rims, bottles, glass, clothing articles are just among some to name....but I hope by raising awareness by this topic maybe Parks Canada will make note of this picture and look into this situation...This is a UNESCO world heritage site, the 1st National Park in Canada, an amazing place in Canada, and we need to keep it that way...

June 8th, 2010